Friday, August 19, 2011

The Reject, no more!

Hmm...I may have to reconsider choosing an asura as my race of first choice! The female asura do look kinda adorable - thank goodness there is no wrinkly male asura in the picture! hehe

I found a great website that has a load of screenshots I haven't seen before, click HERE to check it out! It's in German, but the buttons shouldn't be too hard to figure out :]

As a side note...the asura on the left looks an awful lot like Zojja...and the last time I checked, her mechanical glove was on her right arm, not left!

"Shut your talk-hole, bookah. Every time you open it, you drip stupid all over my floor."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Reject.

What initially caught my eye was the graphics - stunningly artistic, painstakingly wrought in loving detail. I just absolutely cannot wait to start exploring and archiving all these new places! Jungles, deserts, pyramids, villages, bastions, and more! Expect to see plenty of screenshots of your everyday-mundane-things-turned-extraordinary!

I had a difficult time deciding whether to play an asura or a sylvari. I enjoy playing small, non-human races - and I'm totally in sync with their motto, "Brain, not brawn, will change the world." I thought it would fit me best to play a big-eyed, floppy-eared cutie.....until I saw their actual There's hardly any pink available in their character creation. Plus, they run kinda funny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GW2 Trailer Collection

Just a few videos of Guild Wars 2 trailers to whet your appetite! They're all amazing videos, so be sure to watch them! Good art, great story, and a cute (pink-able) race to play! I don't know about you, but I'm super excited and hope the game lives up to at least half the hype it's getting. What class and race combination are you going to play? Can't wait to see you there!

Guild Wars 2: Teaser Trailer

The Races of Tyria

Arena Net's MMO Manifesto