Friday, November 16, 2012

Stop the Press!

Ahh, I take too many screenshots to keep up with in posts! The other day I had decided to reroll as a Sylvari Guardian - I'd like to keep the more support/heal-y role, and what better option than the Guardian? The Sylvari race choice was partially because I felt guilty rolling a human when I'm already one irl, and because they have pretty nice healing racial skills.

Long live, Princess Flan!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Town Impression

I made it a point one day to visit each different racial capital, y'know, just to get a better idea of their culture and origin and all!

I was so lost the first time I set foot in Divinity's Reach. It was HUGE, and with so many vendors and places of interest, I didn't know where to start.

I did enjoy the amount of exploration it set for me, I just love learning more about the city and finding neat architecture to investigate!

I can't say much for their art scene though. Either they don't have a lot of painters in the city, or a certain piece just likes showing up at least once in every household!

The Black Citadel? Or the Charr-version of the Death Star? At every corner I turned, I half-expected to see a row of Storm Troopers or Darth Vader marching around, ahaha!

I found the Charr way of speaking and humor somehow comforting and familiar. I do appreciate a little friendly banter!

Wait, did you hear that? I swear I heard the Darth Vader theme over there...Time to investigate!

This World

So far I'm really enjoying my adventures in Tyria. Granted, I feel a little incomplete without being a true healing class but...I suppose this will do :] Perhaps in time I will learn to love it too.

I'm leveling and having more adventures than I can keep up with in my chronicles here, ahaha! Even so, I'm making it a point to at least post up the screenshots I have in chronological order. There are tons of lovely moments to screenshot in this world!

Here's to more fun in the future!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


One day, I will learn to never expect an easy answer from the Asura. All I wanted was directions to the Gate, then somehow I was listening to the Asura spouting on about some new golem technology and quantum physics.

Not like their terminal signs helped much either. I can't read it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Once a Noob...

...always a Noob. Finally was able to catch up with my buddy Ironnwill! How am I supposed to feel safe with a Guardian that's barely taller than me? People, help me convince him to re-roll a charr!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Creme Flan is Alive!

So I've finally bought the game! It's my first day in Tyria and I'm definitely loving it so far! It's great to play with my old friends again, can't wait to make more!

Now I realize I had made plans to make a salad person as my character...wait, just hear me out! The hairstyles weren't cute enough for me...the Norn were just waaayyy too huge, and the sharp little teeth the Asura have are kinda creepy xD! Charrs are too big and hulky for my taste!

And so that's how I ended up choosing my Human Elementalist! I made her hair as close to a flan's color as possible, and she has brown eyes for the caramel part, hehe!

The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning, even on Medium graphics! So glad to have a new laptop to run this game, it was the first one I downloaded >:D

My main town, Divinity's Reach, is massive. There are so many little alleyways and Way Points that even looking at the map made me feel a bit lost. I took some time in a safe little corner to plan out my course of action - more exploring and picture taking!

One thing's for certain, the regular food vendor doesn't have much to be desired! What is this...just some stale looking oranges and apples...and is that squid not stored in a cradle of ice?

For such a developed city they really need to consider some refrigeration practices!

I did a little exploring in the center area of Divinity's Reach...the pedestal plants caught my attention. On the left looks like a unicorn being chased by a big hulking wolf, which is the plant on the right pedestal. Right? RIGHT?

...I think I've been staring at this for too long.

So far, Tyria looks to be a very promising land to explore! Expect more pictures of Creme Flan's shenanigans in the near future - lots of them!

Look out, world, cause here I come!