Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Town Impression

I made it a point one day to visit each different racial capital, y'know, just to get a better idea of their culture and origin and all!

I was so lost the first time I set foot in Divinity's Reach. It was HUGE, and with so many vendors and places of interest, I didn't know where to start.

I did enjoy the amount of exploration it set for me, I just love learning more about the city and finding neat architecture to investigate!

I can't say much for their art scene though. Either they don't have a lot of painters in the city, or a certain piece just likes showing up at least once in every household!

The Black Citadel? Or the Charr-version of the Death Star? At every corner I turned, I half-expected to see a row of Storm Troopers or Darth Vader marching around, ahaha!

I found the Charr way of speaking and humor somehow comforting and familiar. I do appreciate a little friendly banter!

Wait, did you hear that? I swear I heard the Darth Vader theme over there...Time to investigate!

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